Reg. unscreened topsoil

While unscreened, our topsoil can be used as a base to create a garden landscape with.




Screened with 3/8”, this is a premium soil. Our screened topsoil comes from the Lethbridge area and is highly recommended to use if starting a new lawn, seeding or sod.



Black screened topsoil

Our black soil is imported from the Calgary area, where it is also screened to 3/8”, making it a premium product. The black colour indicates a higher organic matter content.



Garden Mix

Composed of 50% topsoil screened to 3/8”, approximately 20% peat moss, 25% compost and 5% perlite by volume, our garden mix is ready to use on all sorts of plant life. From flowerpots to vegetable gardens to green houses, it will be sure to enrich growth.




A combination of 75% screened topsoil and 25% compost (do not use more than 25% compost as it may burn some plants.) This mixture is also the best choice if you’re looking at dressing a new lawn as it will save you money and time in the long run.